What do Flat Earthers believe?

The field of Flat Earth is as the name suggests. We live on a Flath Earth as apposed to the more common ‘Globe’ model.

Do you have any evidence?

Yes, popular experiments include the Bedford Level Experiment, as well as the philisophical work of Descartes and his work on Cartesian doubt to view the world around us we find the Globe method has the “burden of proof” and not Flat Earth.

In its simplist form we recommend the empiricist approach to our members. View the world around you as you see it. The horizon, the clouds and the sun all show the Earth is flat

Is Flat Earth Theory a Christian concept?

Although many Flat Earthers are Christian, and is core to their belief, there is no direct and concrete link between the two. In simple terms, you do not need to be religious to believe the Earth is flat.

Photos of the Globe model are everywhere, surely this disproves Flat Earth?

Photos can be mis-leading. They can be altered, or made from scratch completely! As such they are no match for rigorous real life field work made with ones own senses.