Flat Earthers are "abused on a daily basis"

Findings from BFEA’s latest research shows over half of Flat Earthers are abused on a daily basis.

Lack of understanding

Over half of respondents to BFEA’s Research Team’s study reported being abused for their views at least once a day. “This will not come as a shock for most members” said senior researcher Liam Farrell. “Unfortunately their is a lack of understanding by the wider society which, as long as it continues to prevail, will ultimately hold scientific endevour back”.

Community leaders need to “make an effort”

It was the view of the research team that leaders with in the community leaders must make an effort to set the correct standard.

“Flat Earthers act in pivital roles across the country, and if they are continuously made victims of such abuse, society will lose them for good. Which in our view is a great shame”. BFEA always attempt to act as an intermediary between clashing groups, and abuse is at the forefront of that.

Equality for Flat Earth

There has been much progress in the equality of many groups, at BFEA we beleive it is high time we get the same respect afforded to other groups.