Flat Earth Theory And Celebrity

Many high profile musicians, arts and sports people have come forward in recent years to help promote Flat Earth Theory. This is warmly welcomed by BFEA, however only a higher class of celebrity will help push Flat Earth Theory into the mainstream.

Support from “celebrities” have come thick and fast in recent years, with world famous music artists such as B.o.B, and Basketball atheletes Kyrie Irving and Shaquille o’Neal all expressing their skepticism of the Globist Theorys. This is an important step along the road to acceptance for FET as these popular figures can express their opinions in “common speak”, as in to say the layman can grasp the complex concepts that we are used to bouncing around.

However, for FET to progress quicker we will need to entice “gold standard” celebrities from the world of film and science, with the former being the most realistic due to the high percentage of “scientists” who insist on protecting the conspiricy. Film stars are also more likely to make an impact with the decision makers and trend setters, all we need to do is look at Scientology and just imagine would be possible.

We urge all members to try and pursuade any film actor they come into contact with to join with us and our pursuit for the truth.