Knowledge of Flat Earth "Holds Careers Back"

The latest poll conducted by BFEA’s research team shows that over a quarter of Flat Earthers are held back in their choosen career due to their knowledge of Flat Earth Theories.

Timely reminder

BFEA can report that according to a rcent study 28% of Flat Earthers have been treated adversely by employers due to their knowledge of Flat Earth. This poor treatment can include being over looked for promition, not being given responisibility within their role, or being belittled and/or not having options on company matters taken seriously.

This has been a long standing issue for many members, however this is an important reminder that the issue has not gone away.

“Anyone who believes in Flat Earth should be commited”

Reasons provided by managers who contacted us varied, from ironically believing that Flat Earth knowledge showed a “lack of crtical thinking” to a more extreme views that Flat Earthers were displaying a mental disorder.

Illegal and Unjust

It must be noted that to hold someone back based on a belief is infact illegal and BFEA encourages all members to report employers if they believe they are unjustly denied opportunities, however, it is hard to prove such cases which is why many don’t speak out.

Whilst we strive to improve understanding of Flat Earth amoungst society in order to gain respect, we must continue to stand up for our rights.