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Flat Earthers are "abused on a daily basis"

Findings from BFEA’s latest research shows over half of Flat Earthers are abused on a daily basis.



All the basics explained in our simple guide.


Knowledge of Flat Earth "Holds Careers Back"

The latest poll conducted by BFEA’s research team shows that over a quarter of Flat Earthers are held back in their choosen career


Flat Earth Theory And Celebrity

Many musicians, and sports stars have come to help Flat Earth Theory.


BFEA is the largest Flat Earth organisation in the UK

With more than 1,000 researchers, consultants and students as supporters we represent Flat Earthers in the UK and promote positive change across the country.

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"Although we are small in number, we make up for it in the strength of our convictions. We sleep safe in the knowledge that one day the truth will be revealed and we will be vindicated."

Dan Thirkell (senior BFEA member)